Large Panoramas and Macros

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Bend, St. Mary River. Shot on first day of the ammonite hunt.

The second location of the ammonite hunt. Overcast and drizzle. From a cliff above the St. Mary River.

Karen Campion and Brian Benton with the banks of the St. Mary River in the background.

A friend said that this was the most boring picture he had ever seen. I thanked himand replied that it meant that I had captured the essence of the prairies. At first glance it looks empty, but as you zoom in you will find herds of beef cattle, irrigation equipment working, farms and native cottages and vast waves of prairie grass.

Ammolite is a very rare gem stone of organic origin. It is the fossilized shell of an ammonite that became extinct 65 million years ago. These are small pieces 1¾" × 2½" in size. They can be examined in great detail by zooming and navigating. They are only found in the vicinity of the above panoramas and Madagascar.

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