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Most recent addition, August 20, 2014

Ever changing pictures recently photographed or mentioned on-line as opposed to portfolios and essays. Updates are ongoing so not announced above. Something old - something new. Nothing borrowed. Blue 255…

A Links site - LNB's writing, photography and graphics on other sites around the web.


A tutorial on Perspective and correction of barrel distortion in Paint Shop Pro, now updated with Photoshop.

Awesome tools introduced in Paint Shop Pro 8.0.

Perspective adjustment

A tutorial on Using the Hue Channel for wild multicolor effects. Señior Pancho de los Loros is the victim.


A tutorial on Type Styling originally done for my friend Asha DeVelder. You can sample her fine art at


A photo-essay for Web - the chronicles of a bus trip with a then new digital camera.

Bus to Santa Rosa

A prowl of Daytona Beach biker-bars during Bike Week 1979.

Biker Bars

A tutorial on the interpretation of histograms in order to better understand exposure and its relationship to processing. Also see the next two tutorials


Attention to people new to digital darkroom work. A tutorial on the fundamentals of image processing from the word "go".

Image Processing

A tutorial on using bracketing and layers to photograph a contrast range beyond the recording capabilities of photographic materials.

Bracketing And Layers

A mini tutorial on how to shoot the moon with a pro-sumer digital camera. "Never moon a werewolf…"

Moon shots

A portfolio of soft pictorial interpretations of images along with a brief explanation of the technique used. The effect evokes hand colouring techniques of a century back.

Softness through CMT channels

Folks. A portfolio of people pictures from photojournalist days.


A tutorial to using Paint Shop Pro 7.0's easy 3-D tools to enhance the presentation of pictures on the web or in e-mail.

Easy 3-D tools.

Desert Southwest. Photos from a visit to southern Nevada and Western Arizona.

Arizona Valley

A tutorial on politely sizing and compressing images for e-mail and the web so your viewers won't picket your modem for clogging their bandwidth.

Sizing and Compressing

A major retrospective portfolio of work from 1960 to 2004.

Did Nikon prosumer Coolpix camera owners get the best new format since thick-sliced Cambozola at room temperature, or did we get a RAW deal? Inquiring minds want to know and they are trying to find out...

See also RAW Power

Photography in the RAW!

Still pictures incorporating time as an element. Sequences shot with time lapse and virtual motor drives and merged into a single image. What and How…


A very personal essay weighing film photography against digital photography, and how to live a happy and fulfilling life with either.

A writer in the Yahoo Digital Darkroom forum inquired about judging the quality of digital images. The reply drew positive comment, and it was suggested it be reproduced here.

About as confusing as it gets! Sorting out the dpi mess for scanning, processing, digital photography and printing. Hope this helps!

A common task made simple through the use of Photoshop's Actions. Automating Thumbnails. A beginning tutorial on Actions.

In response to a request, we get to explore the labyrinths of Paint Shop Pro's Materials Palette.

The first installment of an ever-growing portfolio of the part of the world where I am privileged to live - Alberta, Canada. Sky is special here - as is the scene below it.

In response to a number of requests, I assembled some of the shots with a new Nikon CP8400 in my first couple of weeks of ownership. Many were shot under quite extreme conditions, showing some of the capability of this new instrument.

And now for something entirely different. I have learned the excellent 3-D program Shade3-D. Recently been doing a lot of stereo rendering, though for a 19th century stereoscope. Further links on the Shade page to portfolios and an ever growing number of tutorials.

Band in a Box is a delightful program for anyone who loves to sing or play a musical instrument. It allows you to easily arrange a piece of music to be played by a virtual band to accompany you. At first glance the interface is a bit daunting. This is a tutorial on how to get started.

A portfolio of Las Vegas hotel interiors and Fremont street life - September 2005

A beginner's tutorial on the use of Layer Masks in Photoshop. Layer masks are the real key to processing power. This is a step by step tutorial to get you started.

A few summers ago, a friend participated in a high power rocket launch that took place on the Alberta prairies. The simple beauty of the ocean of grass inspired this portfolio. A nearby Hutterite colony joined the spectators, and now this portfolio.

The basics of Classic Portrait Lighting. A tutorial to get you started.

"The camera is supposed to be automatic! Why don't the pictures turn out the way I see them?" Foolproof is not a feature of Automatic Cameras. We explore solutions.

"I have been shooting film for decades. What is the most fast and effect way to turn 30,000 shots into digital image files?" The answer often is loaded with obsolete or poor information. Some Thoughts Upon Scanning.

Movies! Explorations of multimedia for your entertainment, with a variety of techniques, styles and approaches. Not really tutorials, but notes are included to enlighten the viewers.

HDR - High Dynamic Range images allow one to combine exposures and capture subject matter with contrast ranges far beyond the capability of film or digital to capture in a single image.

A small celebration of Autumn in Alberta - a beautiful province in its golden season.

Photo Aquatints. A preview of a new printmaking style. While these are not offered for sale at the moment, they may be in the near future.

A small portfolio of small friends of mine who follow the feline persuasion - Cats

High resolution images using Zoomify technology. You can zoom in and out and pan all about in order to examine every pixel in the shot. Visit and Zoom!

An introduction to Adobe Camera RAW with beginner's tips to understanding the interface and features. Do not be overwhelmed at the prospect.

A step by step illustrated tutorial showing a typical RAW workflow when processing an image with Adobe Camera RAW in Photoshop CS3.

FujiFilm is bringing the worlds first 3D stereo digital photography system to market, with a camera, glasses-free viewing frame, display device for the new 3D HDTV sets already available. Put on your red/green anaglyph glasses and see the first results.

A simple and easy way to make anaglyphs for prints or viewing on monitors or TV sets.

Festivals are ideal for street photography. Colourful performers and audiences being themselves with no expectation of privacy. Edmonton Alberta hosts a continual series of festivals from the beginning of the warm weather to the end.

Southern Alberta Panoramics shot during a hunt for ammonite fossils, as well as to macro photographs of ammolite - the gemstone produced by ammonite fossils. Hi-res, but easy viewing. Explore!

When the Nikon D3/D700 sensor arrived, photography changed. The impossible shot became possible. Action in deep twilight, long slow lenses indoors, street at night, high quality unobtrusive photography in Available Darkness

Candid, Decisive Moment and Street are variations upon shooting as an invisible photographer, never directing and intruding as little as possible. This gallery covers digital work from the beginning to the present. An earlier gallery that mixed film and digital is here.

Alberta! Prairies, mountains, cities and towns, rolling farmland—a huge rich province roughly the size of France. My home. Come with me and visit Alberta through this gallery.

An Aberta Autumn Bokeh—and a distinctly different take on photographing autumn in Alberta.

Take a series of exposures with focus points from the near foreground to the background and use Focus Stacking in Photoshop to achieve near infinite depth of field.

East Central Alberta at Winter's End. Landscape and architecture at a neglected time of year. Small towns, somewhat off the common tourist roads.

Canada Day 2013—Celebrating our Diversity.

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